Telephone Coaching

If you want to receive an immediate understanding about why you shoplift, discuss your upcoming court case or wish to discuss a personal issue that is troubling you which may be related to your shoplifting behavior, you can speak confidentially to an experienced, private Personal Coach from our national non-profit organization. Your Personal Coach will listen to your story, answer your questions, offer explanations and recommend a focus for you which can change your perspective, influence your court case, speed up your recovery and help resolve the shoplifting issue for you.

If you are a parent or spouse, sibling, other family member or even just a friend of someone who shoplifts and would like to learn more about how you can help your loved one, you too may schedule a confidential session with a Personal Coach.

What is a telephone coaching session all about?

A telephone coaching session focuses on the following issues and activities:

  1. A description (by you) of your current situation.
  2. Questions asked (by your Coach) to help him/her better understand your “special situation.”
  3. An explanation (by your Coach) of why people (who are not career criminals) shoplift in stores and how your “special situation” has led to your shoplifting behavior.
  4. Your response to your Coach’s understanding of you.
  5. Recommendations (by your Coach) of what you can do now to help influence your court case ( if you have a current charge pending ), prevent a future incident and specifically, where you can go to receive different kinds of confidential self-help and support services whenever you think you need them.

What are the credentials of a Personal Coach?

Your Personal Coach will always be either a certified psychologist with a Ph.D. degree who is trained and experienced in helping people with a shoplifting problem, or Mr. Peter Berlin, the founder of Shoplifters Anonymous and NASP, who has volunteered to conduct several sessions each month. For more information on Mr. Berlin's background click to go to The Founder's Story.

How long is Telephone Coaching?

Telephone Coaching and Support can usually be completed in 1 or 2 sixty (60) minute sessions.

How do I get started and is there a cost?

We recommend that you get started with only one 60 minute session and then if you want to continue, you may choose to do so. If you schedule a 60 minute session but wish to stop after 30 minutes, you will pay for only a 30 minute session.
Yes, there is a cost. However, as a non-profit organization we strive to keep our fees low. All our fees are designed to cover only the basic cost of providing the service.

  • The cost for a 30 minute session is $55
  • The cost for a 60 minute session is $85

To help you (and your Coach) learn more about you, we recommend that you complete the FREE Self-Assessment in this National Self-Help & Support Center BEFORE your Coaching session.

When are coaching sessions conducted? How do I sign-up for my coaching session?

Coaching dates and times are posted on this website at least one month in advance, on or before the first day of the prior month. (For example, October’s schedule will be posted on or before September 1.) Click here for available dates and times. To schedule a coaching session, click on the date and time you want and it will take you directly to the simple Registration Form.

Cancellation Policy

While it is important not to miss a coaching session, we recognize and accept that people may have to postpone or cancel a session. The following Cancellation Policy will help allow the Coach to reassign the time which was previously assigned to you or help compensate the Coach for times he cannot reassign.

  • Sessions postponed or canceled more than 48 hours in advance - No Fee
  • Sessions postponed or canceled less than 48 hours in advance - $30 Fee
  • Sessions postponed or canceled 3 or more times - $30 Fee
  • Sessions not postponed or canceled but missed - Full Fee


If you have a question to ask or comments to share, please click here to email us.